All of our sails are made from dacron. All of our jib sails are completely white unless you request a custom sail at additional cost. If you order a sail by itself, it does not come with any additional hardware. We have several color options for mainsails that are listed below. We also take orders for custom sails for an additional cost. We offer roller furling jibs and roller furling modifications to jib sails purchased for our boats. We also offer spinnakers for our larger boats; however, we only recommend those for experienced sailors. If you are needing a replacement sail for your Aqua Cat 14 (II) you need to measure your mast before you call us; if you have the rental rig it takes the smaller sail.

Aqua Cat Sail Colors:

Sunrise Sail



Light Blue/Dark Blue

Dark Blue / Yellow


Aqua Finn Sail Colors:





Lateen sails that fit some other lateen-rigged boats:

Spring Green

Summer Fun


A-18 and A-14.6 Daysailer Sail Colors:

All White

Green/Purple Stripe


Pennant / Dink Sail Colors:

Blue Stripe

Red Stripe