American Sail's number one emphasis is quality. Our full sailboat product line is constructed of hand laid fiberglass. When we say "hand laid" we mean your boat is built of sheets of cross woven fiberglass mat laid out by hand and the resin is also applied by hand. Using this method of construction, we know every intended layer of fiberglass and core materials is in every boat because we see them as they are applied. This is an uncommon technique in the marine industry, which mainly relies on chopper guns shooting fiberglass strands out of a spray gun. Chopper guns are much more cost effective but have nowhere near the quality control as a 100% hand laid operation. Those who leave their boat in the water will appreciate that we spray a vinyl ester barrier coat directly behind the gelcoast layer to help prevent blistering.

Anodized aluminum mast systems, stainless steel hardware, and 3.8 ounce Dacron sails are standard features throughout the product line. In addition, all cleats and deck hardware are backed with aluminum plates under the fiberglass instead of wood, which is most commonly used by other manufacturers.

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Left to right:
1. First, sheets of cross woven fiberglass are laid into the mold.
2. Next, resin is applied by hand and any trapped air is rolled out.
3. Aluminum plates are glassed in during the layup process for backing your cleats and other hardware.